Medical Congress and Exhibition
January 20. 2016 Workshop zu "endothelialer Dysfunktion"

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e-Health/IT Consultancy

In March 2011 (INDIASOFT 2011 – Pune, India) medocon and zCon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( agreed on a partnership to professionally consult our medtech clients in a constantly growing IT environment. Under the name of med’zCon we will make sure that you and your company will always have access to the latest IT solutions.

med’zCon – we develop, maintain and support your EMR based individual software:


Patient Identification

Patient History (medication, surgical interventions, family related illness)



Lab flow


Physical exams

Operation reports

And all kinds of individual reports – as to your request

med’zCon - your partner for solutions in TeleHealth issues

Our latest project:

Actually we are working – together with quite a few general practitioners – on an individual electronic Health Booklet where you can save your entire health history. If you save these data on a personal USB Stic or in the cloud you can always and any time determine which doctor may have access to which information on your personal health status. Many of second and third examinations and screening procedure on the same issue will be obsolete. And if you move to another place – you just take your personal health booklet along.